dotnext is a specialist Identity and Access Governance Management Company, with a vast amount of experience in architecting, deploying and managing Access Management and Access Governance solutions in the financial services industry in South Africa.

A strong User Governance framework is the thread which ensures that the right Users have access to the right Services, while providing business advantage through self-enrolment, user lifecycle and a quality customer experience.

Identity management is a foundational security component which ensures users have the access they need, and that systems, data, and applications are protected from unauthorised users. dotnext’s adoption of a “Policy of Least Privilege” model, is key in reducing the risk posture of an organisation. This principle resides by providing a user with the least amount of access required to do his/her job effectively, and “stepping up” that access on a temporary basis where needed.

User security solutions that we offer


Identity Governance

Identity Governance offers visibility regarding who has access to what information resources within an organisation. Governance implies that the control of access is driven by policy as well as procedure. Access Governance systems are of significant importance to enterprises due to an increased emphasis on regulatory compliance and heightened sensitivity to insider threat. IT organisations can reduce access management complexity and increase operational efficiency while minimising risk and ensuring compliance.

Federated Identity/ Cloud Identity

Federated Identity Management provides web and federated single sign-on (SSO) to end users across multiple applications. Browser based integration and open standards provides short term gains in user productivity, user experience and reduction in administration costs. Enterprises adopting cloud based services can leverage federated single sign-on for secure information sharing across private, public and hybrid cloud deployments and implement a powerful identity mediation service for Cloud, SaaS and Web services.

Access Management

Access management solutions securely manage access to business-critical applications and data. These solutions provide centralised authentication and authorisation, policy management and access control services for Web resources as well as systems and hosted applications. Single Sign-On (SSO) improves the user experience, reduces help-desk costs, centralises the management of two-factor authentication functions, security tokens and users across the enterprise.

Privileged Access Management (PAM)

A privileged account is typically the administrator, super-user or root account for a given system, which provides the capability not only to reconfigure and/or apply modifications to a system and/or its components, but also to access any information that is held on the system. Security and management of these privileged accounts is a crucial aspect of governance and security in any organisation. Privileged accounts effectively are the “Keys to the Kingdom” for most organisations. When users require use of a privileged account, the “Username” and “Password” is checked-out from the automated self-service Password Safe.

Identity Management

Identity Management provides user self-service, automated user – lifecycle management (i.e. joiner, mover and leaver) across heterogenous platforms, access reviews and separation of duty policies. It facilitates a rich policy framework for enforcing corporate security policies and enabling detailed audit capabilities.

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